SULDANO ABDIRUHMAN / 215 688 7032 /


2018 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fiber and Graphic Design - Maryland Institute College of Art


2021  Repercussions - Group Exhibition at Eubie Blake Gallery in Baltimore, MD (Curated by Thomas James)

2021  Please Save Our Earth! - Group Exhibition at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA (Curated by Sarah Kim)

2021  Hand Tools of Resilience - Group Exhibition at form & concept gallery in Santa Fe, NM (Curated by Nikesha Breeze, Rose B. Simpson, Kwame Acoto, Le’Andea Laseur, Isra Rene)

2020  NextGen 7.0 - Digital Group Exhibition by VisArts Rockville (Curated by Iona Nave, and Mary Mena)

2019  The Knot, The Loom PASEO Festival in Taos, NM (Curated by Suldano Abdiruhman, row sarkela, and Olivia Romo)

2019  Cornucopia/Urn - Group Exhibition at Spillway Collective in Philadelphia, PA (Curated by Babs Weiss)

2018  a gentle synthesis - Solo Exhibition at Cardinal Gallery in Baltimore, MD (Curated by Alexander Jarman)

2018  The Outfield - Group Exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art (Curated by Suldano Abdiruhman, Ayaka Takao, Aimee Lin, and Olwyn Scarbeary)

2017  Behind the Veil - Group Performance Exhibition at Oak Hill Center for Education and Culture (curated by Lynn Hunter)

2017  HERE! - Group Exhibition at Platform Gallery (curated by Markele Cullins and Malcolm Peacock)

2017  Black Velvet - Group Exhibition at Peale Museum (curated by Suldano Abdiruhman and Markele Cullins as part of Transmodern Festival)

2016  Root Wxrk - Group Exhibition presented digitally via New Hive (curated by Suldano Abdiruhman and Markele Cullins and as 4C Gallery)

2016  Progress - Group Exhibition archived digitally via Cargo (curated by Suldano Abdiruhman and Markele Cullins as 4C Gallery)

2015  BLK LUV - Group Exhibition at the Copycat Penthouse Gallery in Baltimore, MD(curated by BALTI GURLS)


2021 Bmore Art - ‘Abstract Dialogues: ‘Repercussions’ at the Eubie Blake Cultural Center’ Teri Henderson September 23

2021 Inertia - ‘Studio Visit -- Suldano Abdiruhman’’ Amy Boone-McCreesh June 23

2021 Clever Magazine - ‘Yowie’s Fifth Anniversary Merch Drop Starts... Now’ Sydney Gore June 4

2019 Shades Collective- ‘Suldano Abdiruhman Discusses The Balance Between Work & Play in her Artistic Practice’ Akea Brionne May 22

2019 artblog - ‘Cornucopia / Urn, Spillway Collective brings together artists Nora Chellew and Suldano Abdiruhman’ Samuel Brown February 1 

2017 Bmore Art - ‘#BlackGirlMagic: An Interview with the Balti Gurls’ Angela Carroll March 17

2017 adafruit Blog - ‘How to Make Fascinating Music with Fiber and Tech’ February 5

2016 Baltimore Magazine - ‘Gurl Power’ Gabriella Souza, October

2016 City Paper - ‘Balti Gurls on Guerrilla Gurls: The Extended Interview’ Maura Callahan, October 13

2016 City Paper - ‘Balti Gurls elevate female-identifying artists of color through art shows, performances, and parties’ Kaila Philo, May 4

2016 VICE Magazine - ‘balti gurls are unpicking the politics of black women in art’ Tish Weinstock, January 21


2018 ART/SOUND/NOW - Solo sound performance at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD (Curated by Alexander Jarman)

2018 BALTI GURLS - Artist in residence at Stevenson University in Pikesville, MD

2016 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts - Residency participant in ‘More than Skin Deep: Structure, Fashion, and the Body’ (with Annet Couwenburg)