building the world ii 

gathered ephemera, letterpress tray, gauze, plaster, wood


Building the world ii is a tribute, an altar to and a rememberance of death transformation and rebirth in all of its forms. In the wake of a year of great change in my own life, I felt called to continue a work I began in 2017 as a memorial to my late grandfather. Having experienced a whirlwind of transition--a near death car crash, a flourishing of my personal practice and a complete upheaval of my rooted interpersonal relationships this work served as an outlet, an honoring of shed skin. 

In this iteration I am exploring the grid as a maximalist sorting system. I am referencing the language of quilting, architecture, and masonry in the way things are organized or stacked. I aim for the work to oscillate between artifact, poem and divination tool in the way that it speaks to both itself and the viewer.

Presented as part of ‘Repercussions’.