A thesis exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art

Excerpt from my statement:

“I gather my materials and arrange them according to the space simulating paths, walls, fences, grass, and parking lots. I am interested in the space between the nomadic and sedentary, the object that simulates versus the authentic object, and the object that exists without question.”

thank you (falletinme be mice elf agin)
plaster, fabric dye, acrylic, gouache, crayon, paper, graphite, glitter, sand, gesso, nail, tack

i lost my way and found it back
graphite, ink, gesso, crayon, china marker, acrylic, found fabric

treasure chest 
gouache, graphite, paper bag

moves like michael jackson
ink, charcoal, crayon

“i find myself mired by the tar that is language”

once more with feeling
found bedsheet, acrylic, dirt, crayon, graphite, china marker